Frictionless Data Handbook for Researchers


Raniere Silva


October 17, 2022


The Frictionless Data project is a open-source framework overseen by Datopian and Open Knowledge Foundation to make easier to work with data. The project is composed of two parts (software and standards) that are in constant improvement. This handbook will cover both the software and standards parts. Readers that want to know the full list of Frictionless Data related software overseen by Datopian and Open Knowledge Foundation should visit the software toolkit page. And readers that want to get advance knowledge of the standards should get familiar with JSON Schema and visit the specifications page.


Reese wants to reproduce the results reported by Inga using the provided supporting data (Figure 1).

Example of project with many resources.

Figure 1: Example of provided supporting data. Screenshot of with Firefox 102.0 on 27 July 2022.

The supporting data is listed in the website. Reese needs to click in each link to download the respective file and, later, Reese needs to copy the metadata to use in the replication of Inga’s work. The Frictionless Data project provides a way for the website to provide all the links inside a container that Reese can consume programmatically.


This work was sponsored by GigaScience.